Java™ Software for Stock Market and Financial Websites
Welcome! is an innovative provider of dynamic and interactive Java (TM) applets, swing components and stock market applications.

Our target clients are mostly financial web sites, but not only. We are also developing products on request or customizing current products for specific requests. We do not provide any stock market data, please note that we are only software developers and we only sell the tools not any data.

Your suggestions or questions are welcomed via our contact page. We do not offer phone support.

Our Products
Website Java™ Applets:
RSS News Ticker
Led Stock Quotes Ticker
News & Quotes Ticker
Stock Quotes Monitor
Stock Exchanges Clocks
Stocks Watchlist
Currency Converter
Live Quote Applet
Vertical News Ticker
Quote & Date
Forex Cross-Rate
Swing Components:
Calendar / Date Picker
Led Ticker
Led Display

Java™ Applications:
Desktop Quotes Ticker
Submits Manager